Printmaker’s Show, June 4th-August 6th!

Printmaking is an incredible medium for the exploration of the abstract landscape.  Choosing colors that evoke my mood and formatting with a landscape perspective enables me to create impressions that convey my emotions. I love the surprise and adventurous spirit of printmaking as you never really know what your impressions will be.

I also enjoy painting with traditional oil paint as well as acrylic, aerosol paints.  Each medium allows me to express myself very differently.  My tendency is to get too tight and controlling in my figurative landscape painting so I like to practice the freedom of other mediums.  It keeps my figurative work more gestural and loose and ultimately helps me produce better landscape paintings.

These two pieces will be included in the Printmaker’s Show at the Town Hall Theater in Lafayette, CA, which runs from June 4th – August 6th, 2016. Check it out if you are in town!


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