Surreal Monster Flowers

Surreal Monster Flowers by Cynthia McLoughlinI have seen several Surrealism shows in the last couple of years and have always liked the macabre influence of that period on design.  The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty show at the Met a few seasons ago was the most popular show of the Met’s Costume Institute to date. Beautiful, architectural clothing, incredible accessories and the scary undercurrent was irresistible to the viewers.   Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations also showed the Surrealist influence on both designers, lips and eyes being predominant symbols. The Philadelphia Museum of Art also did an exhibition on surrealism in 2014 which I meant to see but just couldn’t get to before it closed.  You can peruse it on line though with the link I provided.

I am really enjoying designing  my own flora and fauna and these hungry little monsters are searching for a meal; think venus fly trap crossed with calla lililes. I started out with just a gestural airplane wing type shape and ordered the basic composition.  All of a sudden, these gaping maws appeared.  Stay tuned for more monster flowers and remember, free coloring pages  are under that tab on my website header!  Enjoy!

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