Kinloch Lodge, Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK

IMG_6734The few days last week my friend and I spent on the Isle of Skye were magical.  This one in particular was a three rainbow day.  We stayed at Kinloch Lodge on the southern part of the Isle.  It was the hunting lodge for the Macdonald Clan, their castle being just down the road a bit from the lodge. It is currently the highland home of Claire and Godfrey Macdonald. Claire is rather famous in Scotland, kind of like Martha Stewart or The Barefoot Contessa here in the states.  The Lodge is rather well know as a foodie destination, unknown to my friend and I went we booked our reservation, but a delightful surprise.  They actually have one Michelin star.   IMG_6725Parts of the home are over 300 years old.  The art in the dining room, portraits of the clan leaders mostly, are all painted copies, the originals hang in Scotland’s  National Gallery in Edinburg. They have some lovely things about the place and it is very homey with pictures and items of interest.  I thought this fish compote was pretty cool.

When I return to Skye, home to some of my ancestors, The McQueen Clan, I will plan to stay in a few places around the isle to be able to see more of the whole as well as venture up to the Orkney Islands.  These are the views from in front of the main lodge.

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