Spiraling Fauna

Spiraling Fauna, 36" x 48", acrylic on steel

My intention with this piece was to use the small shapes and patterns from the smaller floral paintings that solicited a great reaction from a gallery in San Francisco and use them in a larger painting, (as per their suggestion). As the patterns evolved, the shapes emerged.  I created the flow and movement by layering the vines, whips and spirals and created the shallow depth of a forest floor by building the lights and darks.

I have been working on marketing myself as well, not something that comes easily to me, and even put together an Exhibition Proposal for a couple of solo shows, one in New York City and the other at Marin MOCA in California.  It is very time consuming and I am finding that it really cuts down on my painting time but I am learning and it should get easier and better too with practice.

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