New Progressions

In an effort to continue to grow as an artist and try new things, I taught a landscape oil painting workshop earlier this week.

My mother was an elementary school teacher and I never thought I would be interested in following her career path. Funny how life can come full circle.  I was very nervous prior to and even the first day of the workshop but I have to say, overall it was a lovely experience.

Many thanks to the Staff at the Promontory Ranch Club, and all the friends and new acquaintances who came to the workshop with great enthusiasm  and positive energy!

5 thoughts on “New Progressions

  1. We spend our entire lives being students, at some point we also become teachers. It is a very fulfilling and life changing moment.

  2. You are awesome!!! So very proud of you. What an outstanding job you did. Inspirational !!! You Are a Fab teacher. Love, Deena

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