Secrets Revealed

No frame. cynthia mcloughlin©2015
Secrets Revealed, 24″ x 24″

I am changing my game a bit with this one, new size, wood panel, masking and stencils.

The wood handled a bit differently than the metal and super fine linen I often use, it really grabbed the paint.   The wood grain adds an organic feel to the flower and the sides of the panels are all nicely finished so it gives a very clean, modern feel to the piece. I experimented with masking off parts of the panel to create the petals and used a stencil that I made for the center to give it a modern, street art graphic. It fits nicely with my “Modern Nature” theme.

2 thoughts on “Secrets Revealed

  1. I love this…what do you need from me for my FL piece? Should I go and send back some better pictures of the space? I have the measurements, but I believe all 3 places are plenty large enough. I would love to have it inside, as opposed to in my lobby, so I can enjoy it more….Let’s figure it out….

    Rosemary Baffi 925-914-0351


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