View from the Shed

cynthia mcloughlin©2015
View From The Shed, 20″ x 24″

Mountain sunset landscapes are particularly fun to paint.  The blue of the sky reflects on the snow at dusk and the mountains seem to be barely able to contain the vibrant glow. Animals scurry under the trees and shrubs for cover and tuck in for the night amidst the shadows at twilight.

This is the view from just outside the Shed which is one of the amazing buildings at the Promontory Ranch Club in Park City, Utah.  Spring is beginning here at 6000 feet, the grass has sprouted, and hostas have poked though but there is still snow on the peaks of the Wasatch Mountains!  I have a few paintings on display at the Shed at the entrance to the Art Silo.  Come by and check them out!

4 thoughts on “View from the Shed

  1. Love this one. You’ve really captured the way it all made me feel when we visited. Mountains calm and steady, a sky on fire and ready to take off, and the trees waiting for a new day.

    1. Thanks Mary Kay! I hope you can come again soon. It is incredible in summer too, stays light until around 10 at night and the temperature is perfect, no humidity either, unlike Bean town:)

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