Pony Marsh – Summer Shows


cynthia mcloughlin © 2015

When I am in Park City, I drive by this wonderful meadow every day.  Water from the creeks tends to pool next to the road and I will often see ducks and geese there frolicking in the water.  I enjoy biking on the rail trail that runs perpendicular to this road through the wonderful meadow.  It is always filled with wildflowers, sagebrush and grass for the grazing cattle, horses, and even llamas to feast upon.  One day there was a rancher letting a whole truck load of ponies out into the meadow and it was wonderful to see them running and jumping and generally having a great time. Ever since then, I’ve been calling the place the Pony Marsh.

Summer is coming up quickly, and I am working on a new series of western landscapes for my upcoming summer shows!

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