Park City Street Art- Benjamin Wiemeyer

I love to ride my bike into Park City on the rail trail in the summer.  Today was the first ride into town this year and I was blown away by the new street art that filled the pedistrian underpass on the trail going under Bonanza Drive.  It was difficult to get shots of the whole wall as it is so extensive, covering both sides and ceiling of the rather long tunnel, not to mention the bikers that fly through there.  It totally envelops the viewer into the amazing world of Benjamin Wiemeyer.  Check out his Facebook Page for more of this artists amazing work. What an inspiration, I really marvel at the scale, colors and design of the project.  I will have to seek out more of his work in PC and Salt Lake City.

Benjamin Wiemeyer

I love this one with the butterflies, so much movement and color…


You really get the feeling of the steady slope of the trail with this bit.  His use of hard and soft lines is so interesting and I love the blocks of color that aren’t necessarily divided by lines.


I wish he did the floor too. Check it out if you are in town.


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