Going Large

Cynthia McLoughlin © 2014As an artist, I want to keep growing and exploring new ideas and techniques.  That is one of the reasons why I attend David Dunlop’s “Extend Your Reach” class at the Silvermine School of Art.  David is an incredible artist, art historian, and teacher.  The class is full of very talented artists and it is very inspiring to see how each person is growing from week to week. It is fascinating to listen to the critique of each work in progress, and often I will go back to my own work and discover a solution to a problem based on his critique of another artist’s painting.

David has a weekly blog and it always seems to be in tune with what I want to explore.  Recently, the blog was about going big.  Since it was the last class, I decided to go big and tackled a 36″ x 48″ canvas.    I was very pleased with my small painting of Beaver Creek and had taken many photos of the area.  I loved the color palate and was anxious and a bit scared to try it on the large scale.  Above is the result.

One thought on “Going Large

  1. pat B says:

    You’ve captured a beautiful moment with a beautiful painting. The going big concept reminds me of 2 different projects that I’ve worked on where artists were on sight to paint interior walls of a building. One was in a restaurant with a princess looking out a window on a sunny day. The other was a scene on a stairway. I would think that it would be a tough way to work, but quite unique.

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