Beaver Creek

cynthia mcloughlin © 2013I was in Utah in early November and went hiking with some good friends who introduced me to one of their favorite trails, The Beaver Creek Trail, in Kamus, Utah.    I will look forward to visiting again this winter as it is a good destination for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.   The views were stunning as we hiked along the side of the creek, the mountains seemed to go on forever in the distance.    It was a very bright and sunny day so the shadows were very dark in contrast which was really fun to paint.  If you go, be sure to stop at the Samak Smoke House for treats.  They have amazing jerky, cheese, smoked fish and my personal favorite, the Samak Stickies which are little, sweet and crunchy granola like treats. They make great stocking stuffers too, for all the Santa’s helpers out there.  Happy Holiday’s everyone!

3 thoughts on “Beaver Creek

  1. Cynthia, you just may have a knack for this painting stuff. I wish I could show you New Mexico,and see what what it could inspire in you. Hey it worked for Georgia O’Keeffe.

    1. Thanks! Did you know that she spent a great deal of time in Lake George? I think I read somewhere that she even painted a few of the skull paintings there. She is a huge inspiration for me. Did you get to see the show with her work at The Hyde Museum in Glens Falls last summer?

  2. Bravo ! You did an amazing job of capturing this site. So thrilled to participate in the hike & watch you transform the glow of the trail to the canvas. You captured the essence of the surroundings & infused it with inspiration. Thanks for transporting me.

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