Fairfield Beach

I have been working on a few paintings.  My summer schedule is a bit different, so I have been painting more in spurts rather than the regular schedule I try to follow when I have a class each week.  I’ll get a good bit down on the first throw but then have trouble going back to finish them up so I have several unfinished pieces scattered about the house.  It is actually quite helpful to look at them in different lights and especially good to look at them after I haven’t been working on them for awhile.  It’s easier to see the possibilities that way.


This is Fairfield Beach.  We were short a car this summer with both kids home so I would sometimes drive my son to his job in the morning in charming Southport, CT. The 95 Interstate Highway is generally the quickest way to go, except during the morning rush hour.  I would take the rural route through the beautiful, historic Federalist and Victorian homes of Southport, enjoying all the flowers (no deer that close to the sound apparently).  In between the village and Westport’s gold coast is Fairfield Beach.  There is a nice stretch where it is quite open and then the road snakes around over a little bridge and affords this beautiful view of the marsh grasses and ribbons of water left behind from the ebbing tide.  On this morning, it was a bit foggy and particularly beautiful so I snapped a few shots for the inspriration.

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