Ice and Shadow

Deep blue shadows fall on the icy, reflective water below.
Icy View from Saugatuck Bridge


A sliver of orange glints on the horizon of this stormy scene on Long Island Sound.
“Sherwood Inverted”, 25″ x 37″, oil on steel.

New Paintings

Here are some new paintings I was thinking about submitting for the Art About Town show.  In an effort to make my quest to paint more abstractly a bit easier, I have been looking for inspiration that is more abstract to begin with.  The first painting was inspired by the Saugatuck River here in Westport.  I took several photos on a very cold day when the river had iced over. The sun was very bright and the shadow from the bridge was a bright purplish blue.  The painting is an amalgamation of all the photos as I am trying to divorce myself from one specific image and get more of a feeling of the moment in time.

The second is painted from a photo I took at Sherwood Island a few winters ago.  It also was a cold day with stormy clouds pushing toward me from the other side of Long Island Sound.  In an effort to abstract the image so it wasn’t so identifiable to me,  I inverted it before I painted it.  The foreground is rough and tumble and the back toward the horizon line is smooth and blurred and I am very happy with the end result.

3 thoughts on “Water

  1. Love these! Great colors and a lot of drama. The one on the right looks like it photographed especially well, too.

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous!!


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